Work Permits

High school students who are under 18 years old are required to apply for a work permit in order to work. (Exceptions would include minors who have graduated high school or have passed the California high school proficiency exam.) If you know you have a chance of being hired or have been offered employment, you need to see the Work Experience Coordinator at the high school to ask for an “Intent to Employ Minor and Request for Work Permit” form, B1-1 (usually on green paper). This form requires signatures from the employer, the parent or guardian, and school personnel who have work permit issuing authority – usually the Work Experience Coordinator. This form also requires Worker’s Compensation Insurance of the employer. This insurance pays for worksite injuries, and is required of employers before a work permit (form B1-4) is issued. This work permit is usually good until 5 days after the new school year starts, unless specified sooner on the permit.

Work permits are a privilege, not a right, and many times good school attendance and grades are required by the Work Experience Coordinator before one is issued. Some schools may put a student with poor attendance or grades on probation until they improve. Work Permits may be revoked whenever the health, safety, morals, or education of the student is at risk.

For more information, see the Work Experience Coordinator at your high school. A good website to visit for information on Child Labor Laws is

Entertainment Work Permits
Work permits for the Entertainment Industry are only issued by the district office.  You may call them at 818-901-5484 or 818-901-5315.

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