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Lunch Passes

Application for Academic Achiever Lunch Pass

2014-2015 School Year only

To qualify for a lunch pass, which allows students to leave campus at lunch time, you must:

1.     Have at least a 3.5 unadjusted GPA at North Hollywood High School on your final report card last Spring.  Students who did not attend NHHS last Spring are not eligible for a lunch pass.

2.     Not have been disciplined for possession or being under the influence of alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs in the last year.

3.     Not have been disciplined for vandalizing school property or in possession of tagging or vandalism tools such as markers in the last year.

4.     Not have been disciplined for showing behavior that is inappropriate, defiant, or disrespectful towards school authority or others in the last year.

5.     Complete this form and return it to the designated school personnel by the announced deadline.

Requirements to continue using the Lunch Pass:

1.     Students must show the furnished lunch pass when leaving campus.

2.     Students must exit and re-enter campus only using the Kennedy building Colfax door.

3.     Students must follow directions from school personnel at all times

4.     Students must not litter during lunch time.

5.     Lunch passes will not be replaced and temporary ones will not be given.

6.     Lunch passes may be revoked if students are tardy or absent to 5th period.

7.     Lunch passes will be revoked if students are suspended from school.

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