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I teach math and science for the Highly Gifted Magnet and coordinate most of the extracurricular activities in the science department. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about: Science Olympiad, Science Bowl, Ocean Sciences Bowl, Research competitions (Intel, Siemens, JSHS, Science Fair, etc.), FIRST Robotics, Chemistry Olympiad, Physics Olympiad, Physics Bowl, Biology Olympiad, Computing Olympiad... and last but most certainly not least... Ultimate Frisbee. I also help Mr. Bahmanyar with the Math Club and all of the associated competitions.

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2017 AP Physics 1 FRC Answers

Roughly half of this exam was of the form "explain X". There are a wide range of ways to answer those questions, so I can't pretend this constitutes a comprehensive answer key - I'm pretty sure it would get full credit, but so might other answers. I can't conceivably list every possible style of correct answer to those problems.

2017 AP Chem FRC Answer Key

I'm a little sleepy and whipped through this fairly quickly, so I suppose careless mistakes are possible. I felt pretty confident about everything, though. Seems like it was a straightforward test with no surprises this year.

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